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Newsletter - August 2015

Skabelund, Manhattan

Redmon, Manhattan

Wiegert, Lawrence

Our Next Bulk Buy

We are compiling our next bulk buy so if you want in on it call/email us now. We can help guide you to assessing the solar potential for your home, send us your address, and photos of the side and front of your house and we can guide you through a quick assessment. Our buyers this time were surprised that their actual costs are lower than our estimates. When did that last happen to you? With solar, the price is dropping and Westar was granted another rate increase.

A Feel Good Brief:

Each Fall the Land Institute holds a its

Prairie Festival 2015

From its early days in the 1970’s, the Land has been a champion of renewable energy. On Saturday, Sept 12th they’ve asked us to help install a 4.5 KW system on their research lab building. In their work developing large seeded perrenials, the Land needs greenhouses which in turn need a large amount of power. So this will likely be only a portion of their final PV system. This installation is timed to get the system up and running by this year’s festival. We highly recommend the festival September 25, 2015 to September 27, 2015, where hundreds will be camping, playing music and listening to internationally renowned speakers. You can find out more and register at:

We will be carpooling from UFM early in the morning on the 12th and probably will be back in the evening. People who need to return earlier may share rides with others leaving before we’re done. This will be a great opportunity for us to connect with a very successful, committed and like-minded institute.

Those of us who need to stay in Manhattan
FHREEC has been invited to have a booth at the Aggieville Mini Maker Faire. I’d have instantly said yes, but we are scheduled for the all day install at the Land Institute. We are supposed to be there by 8:00 am. Their Fall Prairie Festival is two weeks later so we can’t postpone it. If we have the volunteers to staff the booth from 10 am to 4pm, FHREEC has one of those pop-up tents and literature left over from the Riley County Fair, so if interested, contact me to make this happen.

Thanks Everyone!

News from Climate and Energy Project.

Kansas Corporation Commission Approves Westar Agreement

New rates in effect October 28, 2015

On Wednesday, the KCC agreed to endorse the agreement between Westar Energy, Citizens' Utility Ratepayers Board (CURB), Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) staff and industrial customers on Westar's request to raise rates.

The negotiated settlement agreement includes among other things:

  • $78 million dollars in annual increases instead of the original $152 million
  • Dropping the cost of customer purchased wind power to .25 cents (from $1.00) per 100 kWh block
  • Removing the new Stability and Demand plans for residential customers
  • Increasing fixed charges to $14.50 per month instead of the $27 per month requested

The average customer will see a $5-7 per month increase in their monthly bill.

The question of a special charge for customers who install solar power will be discussed at a later date during a solar specific docket.

You can read the full settlement here.

CEP will continue to keep you up to date on important energy issues, including renewable energy, energy efficiency and the final Clean Power Plan.

If you appreciate our work, please consider making a tax deductible donation online or via check to Climate + Energy Project PO Box 1858, Hutchinson KS 67504.

Thank you for your support

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